Self Assess your Kitchen Needs

Assess your Kitchen Requirements Modular Kitchens from Kitchen By Design serve a dual purpose. They focus on style and functionality and distinctly radiate the personality and lifestyle of a customer. The questionnaire below is designed to assist customers in determining the type and style of kitchen that will suit them the best.


1. When it's time to cook, do you:
Refer to any cookbook
I cook with the help of a kitchen maid.
I have to keep an eye on our children while I cook
I rarely cook, I have a full time cook

2. During dinner, do you:
Discuss how well the food tastes
Try to get your children to eat the food
Usually have guests and chat with them at meals
Usually Eat out.

3. Do you prefer your countertops to be:
Covered in the latest gadgets
Bare, except for a well-placed flower vase
Always ready to show for guests at any moment
I have pots and utensils around as I cook. I'm realistic.

4. Is your typical meal closest to:
Salads and lightly cooked food
Frozen food like chicken nuggets and French fries
Traditional food - Vegetarian
Traditional Food in Non-Vegetarian

5. Is your pantry stocked with:
Tinned food, butter, Cheese, paper towels etc.
Not much.
Well stocked with all types of cooking ingrediants.
Stocked with diverse Savoury and Sweets Snacks.

6. Would your Ideal island be:
A cooktop with drawers for storing things.
a 2-tier with cooktop and buffet table
Feature intricate mouldings and show pieces
Have a cooktop and casual breakfast counter

7. Do you eat out:
Rarely once in a blue moon. I love home-cooked meals
Every Week with Family
Have dinner at a restaurant more than twice a week
Regularly bring home food from take-away food courts,

8. On my table, you'll generally find:
Colorful plastic placemats and flowers
Baking Dishers
Cloth napkins and a decorative centerpiece
Nothing - the table is impressive enough on its own

Your score: 

Family-focused kitchen (8-12)

You need a gathering space that your family can be comfortable in, one fit for the children move in and out as well as for cooking and eating. When selecting your kitchen and accessories, look for functional materials that can stand up to a little wear and tear: easy-to-grasp pulls; durable solid counter top; darker wood colour cabinets that hide smudges better.

Height of the cooktop and safety features need special consideration with children around.

Cook's kitchen (13-20)

You're a person who loves to cook and is good at it, and your kitchen should be a space that lets you get to work effeciently. your choice of modular kitchen should be highly functional. It should have space to house top of the line cooking range, large oven, microwave with a strong counter top. You need ample space to roll dough, chop and prepare food stuff. The interiors of your cabinets are very important: make sure there is plenty of room and tray, pots and pans, and pantry storage. Consider dual sinks - a large single basin for washing and prep sink. You require a powerful chimny and a tough cooking range.

Entertainer's kitchen (21-28)

You have a contemporary lifestyle and you like throwing parties which very from casual dinners with the neighbors to festive holiday events. You want a kitchen stylish enough to portray your lifestyle and personality, but comfortable enough to stand in while munching a kabab. When selecting modular kitchen, consider appliances like warming drawers (for keeping those appetizers warm), wine drawers and cabinet space to house small wine/ cold beverage refrigerators and icemakers.

Design-wise, you'll want to make sure there is plenty of roomy gathering space. Two-tier islands, with an upper level that can serve as a buffet space, are a wise choice.

Showpiece kitchen (29-32)

You may not be one for exhaustive cooking, but you want a kitchen that is functional and looks magazine-ready-in short, a kitchen that impresses and portrays your lifestyle and can still allows you to heat-up and serve food that suits your taste and style. Your Modular kitchen is a well-equipped workspace with formal looks.Product-wise, opt for heavy, impressive cabinetry, like cherry or pine finished cabinets in combination with glass cabinets and stainless steel gadgetary.

Large impressive islands with serving counters will emphasize your style.